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For windows and doors, that means high quality fibreglass window units, frames, and fittings installed by Green Brand Home Energy Solutions. Fiberglass is created by pulling strands of glass through a heated die, resulting in a material that is strong, resilient, and suited to all weather conditions.

Essentially a carbon fiber product, it has been used for many purposes, including boats, satellites, bridges, and goalie masks, where it is subject to extreme temperatures and constant abuse.

Fiberglass can meet a wide variety fenestration needs, from design, to durability, to performance objectives.

High Energy Efficency


Energy efficient frames have low conductivity that discourages the transfer of heat or cold into a building. Fiberglass has a much lower conductivity than metal options; simply placing a hand on a fiberglass frame compared to an aluminum frame in -20°C weather makes the difference very clear.


Fiberglass is much less conducive to allowing cold temperatures to pass through the frame, thus helping to prevent condensation and loss of heat. To achieve maximum energy efficiency, pair with fibreglass doors and frames.


Subjected to temperature extremes, windows must remain stable, with minimal expansion and contraction to keep an excellent seal.

Considering that the bulk of a window is glass, what better material to surround it with than glass? Hence “Glass on Glass Advantage”. Composed of about 60% glass, fiberglass, like plate glass, has a very low rate of expansion and contraction. Fibreglass maintains an excellent seal with reduced movement relative to the plate glass.

Superior stability also results in greater longevity, fewer seal failures, and better paint adhesion.


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Fiberglass also offers amazing colour flexibility. Unlike PVC, which relies on light finishes, or exterior colour only, fiberglass offers endless colour options, inside AND out. The stability of the material allows you to select ANY colour, light or dark, standard or custom. Because fiberglass has a very similar application process to painting a vehicle, the finish is long-lasting and weather-resistant.

Wood Interiors

When the richness of wood is desired in combination with a low-maintenance exterior, fiberglass is an excellent choice in combination with a wood jamb extension. The wood interior can be stained to your colour of choice. Combined with a complementary frame colour, the window can enhance the living space in a way that is simply not achievable with an all-white interior.


Large Sizes, Slim Frames

Fiberglass offers significantly greater bend strength than PVC. Greater strength allows for slimmer frames, more glass area, and a better view. Even more valuable is that fewer frame divisions are required for large openings. Fibreglass can achieve stunning views with floor-to-ceiling glass that stretches across the length of the room. Bring the outside in!

Custom-built Designs

Green Brand makes a point of responding to the creativity of architects and designers, even when the requested product is not “off the shelf”. We pride ourselves on building innovative, high-performance solutions to achieve the designer’s vision. We have become more specialized in contemporary windows and doors, and continue to develop our line to stay on top of current market demands.

Built to Endure


Fiberglass is an extremely stable material predicted to last about 40% longer than PVC windows. It also provides a low-maintenance finish that is applied similarly to the way that a vehicle is painted, creating a weather-resistant, long-lasting finish.

Fiberglass has been specified for a wide variety of commercial projects, including recreational centres, financial institutions, and multi-storey towers. Its durability has been proven by schools in the far north, where windows are subject to abuse and very extreme temperatures.


The stability of the material assists in protecting, and prolonging the life of insulating glass. Because the frame has minimal movement relative to the glass and the wall, there is less risk of seal failure or glass breakage.



Fiberglass is created with a combination of ultra-strong glass strands and glass matting. The glass matting that wraps around the glass strands assists in distributing any impact to the frame, preventing surface damage. In cases where the surface does become damaged, fiberglass can be repaired and re-painted.

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